WestCOP Putnam CAP

Intervention Services

  Support and financial assistance is provided to help individuals and families through a variety of difficult circumstances, such as prevention of homelessness and utility shut-off. Eligibility for services is determined by the Case Worker through a detailed assessment and the demonstration of continued financial stability.


 Individual must meet with one of the case workers to conduct a detailed assessment to determine eligibility. If the individual can provide support of ongoing financial stability and is deemed eligible for assistance, he/she will be required to financially contribute toward the bill he/she is requesting assistance with. All individuals requesting Intervention Services are required to provide income verification, proof of Putnam County residency, and proof of household composition, i.e. birth certificates, passports for each household member, as well as the following documentation specific to the request:

 - Rental assistance: letter from landlord stating the arrears owed or an eviction notice

 - Utility assistance: the bill for which the individual is requesting assistance

 - Prescriptions: invoice from pharmacy stating amount due, health insurance card (if applicable)

 - Vehicle repairs: 3 estimates from separate mechanics (only when individual is not eligible for Community Solutions for Transportation funding)

   Please be prepared to discuss your financial situation as a comprehensive budget will be completed during the meeting.

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