WestCOP Putnam CAP

Community Solutions For Transportation

  Putnam CAP has partnered with the Putnam County Department of Social Services and the New York State Department of Labor to provide repairs to vehicles for qualifying applicants at no cost.


 Individual must meet with one of the case workers to determine eligibility. Individual must be gainfully employed, either the custodial or financially supporting non-custodial parent of a minor child and are in need of vehicle repairs to ensure his/her access to reliable transportation to and from work. Eligible participants will be provided with up to $1,000 in vehicle repairs, and up to $500 in preventive maintenance. Repairs will only be authorized if the cost does not exceed the Blue Book Value of the vehicle.  

The following documentation is required:

     - Vehicle Title

     - Vehicle Registration (in applicant and/or spouse’s name)

     - Valid insurance card

     - Valid driver’s license

     - Income verification (2 most recent pay stubs or letter from employer)

     - Proof of household composition; i.e. birth certificates, passports for each household member

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