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Meet the Team

Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team of professionals is the backbone of Putnam CAP. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team members.


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Marisa O'Leary

Marisa O’Leary is Putnam CAP’s Director. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and a Master’s Degree in Social Policy. As a 20+ year member of the Putnam CAP team, she oversees program management & community trainings, fund & Advisory Board development, special projects, and assessing the needs of the community. She is an active member of the Community Resource Group, Putnam County Long Term Recovery Coalition, Brewster CTC, Putnam County Community Resilience Coalition, Salvation Army Advisory Council, Brewster Central School District’s ENL Advisory Council & Key Communicators team and the Putnam County Bioterrorism/Disaster Preparedness Taskforce. ​ Marisa is proud to lead amazing team of dedicated staff and volunteers who are committed to serving Putnam County’s most vulnerable community members!


Dehisy Jimenez-Vazquez 

Case Manager


Deborah Lurin,LMSW

Case Manager

Dehisy Jimenez-Vazquez is one of Putnam CAP’s Case Managers. She holds both a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Social Worker with a minor in Psychology. Dehisy joined the Putnam CAP team in 2017. As a Case Manager, it has not only given her the opportunity to enrich her passion for advocacy, but to also help allocate resources and provide case management to the low-income and at-risk populations in order for them to become more self-sufficient. Dehisy is an active member of the Community Resource Group, Putnam County Children’s Committee, and The Caregivers Task Force/Long Term Care Council. Dehisy is also very proud to work alongside an extraordinary group of professionals who share the same mission and are devoted to serving our most vulnerable community members in Putnam County.

Deborah Lurin is the newest bilingual Case Manager at Putnam CAP. She holds a Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology and a Licensed Master’s Degree in Social Work. Deborah has extensive experience working with children, families and older adults in a wide range of service settings. Deborah is looking forward to serving this community, bringing with her compassion and understanding to be able to effectively advocate for the current needs of our most vulnerable community members in Putnam County.


Lourdes Seip

Administrative Assistant

Lourdes Seip is the Administrative Assistant for Putnam CAP. She has a Certificate in Management from York University in Toronto, Canada and is a Certified TEFL instructor. In the past, she has served at PCAP as a Certified Application Counselor for the Affordable Care Act and office support. In her new capacity as administrative assistant she supports the Director and Staff, and is continuously looking for ways to streamline the administrative processes. Lourdes is a team player and proud of the work Putnam CAP staff does to impact low-income and at risk-populations in Putnam County in a positive way.


Patrick "Jerry" Grant

Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen Operator

Jerry is a dedicated member of the team, and has been with the agency for 19 years.  He is responsible for ordering food for the food pantry & soup kitchen, training and supervising food pantry volunteers, picking up donations from local businesses and creating the monthly soup kitchen menu.  He believes in “giving folks a hand up not a hand out.”


Mary Bodor

Volunteer Coordinator

Mary retired from Putnam County Department of Social Services in 1999 and joined CAP as a volunteer in 2001. She has participated in almost every phase of CAP’s development and is proud to be a part of this valuable establishment for the residents of Putnam County. Currently, Mary is the Volunteer Coordinator interviewing potential volunteers and preparing the monthly coverage calendar for the food pantry. She also serves on CAP’s Advisory Board.

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